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The importance of the energetic certificate

On the occasion of the premiere of our new GG Eco Homes, this week we will share with you why the energy certificate is so important.

In this post you will discover the reason why we are so proud to say that all our Eco Homes have an energetic certificate A.

What is a energy certificate exactly?

A energetic certificate is an official document issued by a competent technician with information about the energy characteristics of a property.

This certificate is mandatory since 2013. Many consider it an obstacle and a tax to pay, however it is much more than that, it is result of international agreements in order to reduce the energy consumed, thus protecting the environment.

A commitment to the future to maintain our planet as we know it for the next generations.


Classification of the energy certificate

This certificate has 7 classifications, named alphabetically from A to G, going to worse the further away from the first letter.

The lower the step of the certificate, the less savings and the more the energy bill of the house will cost.

That is why we do our best to achieve the A in our Eco houses, an investment in the future that will facilitate the payment of energy in your home.

It also helps your own health

The energy used for heating or air conditioning also emits harmful gases such as CO2.

However, the better the energy efficiency of your home, the fewer contaminants there will be.

In addition, in a house with A certificate that does not need heating in winter or air conditioning in summer there are no sudden changes in temperature. This was cause for many coughs and sneezes, but that’s over!

Other measures that can help you saving energy

Although your home has a good certificate, you have to help with the daily use of energy.

For example, taking care of the temperature of the house in summer or winter is a highly recommended action to avoid higher expenses. The ideal thing is to keep it at 20º in winter during the day and reduce it to around 16º at night.

Another good measure is to improve the isolation of the house. Preventing the temperature from escaping from the home, as well as taking care of the thermal characteristics of the windows are two very good ideas.

Energy management systems tend to give very good results.

And let’s not forget about renewable energies. We remind you that you can add photovoltaic panels to your Eco home, you just have to ask us.

We hope we have helped you to better understand the importance of having a good energy certificate. With this information and advice, you can save much more and protect our planet!

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