Technical Specifications - GGHomes


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Foundation and Structure

Foundation through strip footing and floor slab

Special foundations are not included:

(Pilotage, screen walls, slope stabilization, filled with concrete rubble, etc)

Waterproofing of basement walls

Drainaje of perimeter walls of basement

  • Drainaje pipe perimetral to the foundation of diameter 160mm.
  • Gravel layer on the drainaje pipe by pumping or gravity.
  • Evacuation of drainaje water through pumping or gravity.


  • Reinforced-concrete pillars and metallic waffle slab.

Cover and facade closure

Top floors covers

  • Formation of pending with mortar.
  • Waterproofing through layer  bituminous asphalt.
  • Thermal insulation according to calculation.
  • Heavy protection through gravel.

Facade insulation

Based on mineral canvas 10 cm thickness and density 35kg/m3 (final dimensions and density grades according to calculation).

Exterior facade finishing

Finished included (up to 30€ RRP tarif/m2)

  • Flagstone with a mortar boarda bone.
  • Porcelain stoneware cladding taken with mortar cola.
  • Monolayer facade.

(According to design)

Interior pavements

Interior pavements

Pasta roja collection of the Saloni catalog (to choose).

False interior ceiling

False continuous ceiling for facilities in corridors and baths.

Bathrooms cladding

Pasta roja collection of the Saloni catalog (to choose).



Overhead toilet. Shock absorber cover model gap of Roca or similar.

Simple sink

Simple washing integrated in hob.

Dimensions according to blueprints.

Double sink

Double sink integrated into hob.

Dimensions according to blueprint.

Shower unit

Resin shower.


Rectangular bathtub, employed placement or skirt (according to blueprints).


Overwashing mixer hob, with drain click clack. Overhead siphon.


Shower mixer. Shower sprayer.


Bath mixer.

Interior joinery


Doors lacquered in white (smooth or pantographied) o reveneering in oak/beech of 2’10 meters.

Wardrove fronts

  • Folding doors together with the step doors.
  • Height of floor to ceiling.
  • Handle inserted on leaf.

Wardrove interior

A superior shelf and hanging bar.

Interior walls

Interior partitions and internal plasterboard reinforcement

Laminated plasterboard with 1 plate of 16mm to each side and intermediate profile of 70mm with rock whool.

Interior partitions and brick reinforcement in basement

Hollow brick walls 7cm thick and plasterwork projected.


Color to choose.


Formica cabinets, with the possibility of integrating style brightness or matte in the different colors available.

Granite countertop to choose in different colors.

Facade carpentry

Balcony door

Aluminium carpentry with thermal bridge break. Standard colors. From 2’5 meters. Series 70 RPT and 80 RPT.

Windows and doors

Aluminium windows with thermal bridge. Standard colors.

Series 70 RPT.


Electric blinds included in bedroom.


Glass composition chamber 6/8/6 according to use. Max. glasses 3,00X3,00M.


Base closure:

Hollow brick 1/2 foot.

Exterior finish:

Smooth monolayer.

Passable terrace bags:

Work piece 1m.

Main door

Main door in house with security lock.

Interior stairs

Ladder rungs:

Same material as in interior pavement.


Stainless steel handraild and steel cable.


Waterproofing with 1 foil bituminous of 4kg/m2. Extruded polystyrene insolation of 60mm of thickness.



Pre-instalation of air conditioning and heating.


Hot water sanitary

Thermoelectric with aerothermy.

Cold / hot water net

Multi-layer pipe.


PVC sanitation.


Light box

Electricity will be designed according to RBT and it will be composed by 10 tracks. 9.20kW power.


Mechanisms will be Simon 27 brand or similar.


Color Fermax Veo Duox.


Exterior shower

Pre-instalation of water supply and sanitation.

Fenced of medianeras

Simple torsion fence of 2 meters height.

Exterior principal fence

  • Concrete block with 2 sides view 1,20m height.
  • Metal tray lacquered by two sides.

Pedestrian eouter door in main fenced

Metal lacquer tray door, placed by the 2 sides.

Exterior door of vehicles in main fenced

Metal lacquer tray door, placed by the 2 sides.

Door opening mechanism of vehicles

Door motorization.

Zone from pedestrian entry in fence to porch

Same stoneware as the interior. Antislip.


2 points of irrigation/ washout in the wall/ chest.

Exterior garage

Printed concrete.


Same stoneware as before, antislip.


Water pre-instalation and sanitation. Gresite 2,5 X 2,5 standard color.

Equipment for chlorine, sand filter and bomb 1cv dimensions 8X4.