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Pedreguer, a locality with much to offer

In this blog we have talked about different localities that are worth visiting, this time it is the turn of Pedreguer, a locality that is not too big but, as we are going to tell you, it has many good points to offer.

A little bit of context

Pedreguer is located in the region of Marina Alta, opening to the valley of the Girona River.

It is a mountainous terrain, counting on the hill of the Hoyas or the Montaña Grande. It also has ravines like La Alberca.

Because of its history, Pedreguer has a lot to tell. Caves in the area have found remains of the Neolithic, as well as evidence that it was an important area for the Iberians. Later it would be the Visigoths who were in the area, to, of course, end up in the hands of the Andalusians.

It was not until 1249 when the forces of King Jaime I reconquered the location.

Nowadays, Pedreguer has 7,490 inhabitants.

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What to visit in Pedreguer?

This town has different points of interest that are worth visiting.

In this post we will highlight those that we find most interesting.

The mirador of Mirabarques

Built in 1998, this viewpoint was built with the aim of sitting in the shade and observe the views.

From here you can see the whole area, the Montgó, the sea and, we have even read people who say they have seen Ibiza on the clearest days!

Easy access, definitely a stop that you can not skip if you’re in the area.

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The Hermitage of San Blas

Built in the second half of the 18th century, the Hermitage of San Blas is a centralized place in a circular form that is used for two of the local celebrations.

The first is San Antonio Abad, which is celebrated on January 17.

The second, of course, is San Blas, held on February 3.

If you are a lover of art and architecture it is a great option to visit.

Santa Cruz Church

Built in the 15th century, the Santa Cruz Church is one of the most important monuments of Pedreguer. They say it is built on an old Muslim mosque, but a reform of the Renaissance style hides this fact. Later, in 1574, it had to be repaired, so the facade was Renaissance style, but the rest Baroque style.

Thus we find a baroque interior with the Renaissance exterior.

Something worth seeing if history, art and architecture are interesting.

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La Montaña Grande

It is the emblematic mountain of the town. In it, there are different mountain routes that you can enjoy and some of them have historical objectives, such as the route of “El castell de l’ocaive i les alqueries medievals”, reaching an old castle located on the mountain.

Like this, there are many more interesting routes in this area.

We hope you liked Pedreguer. If you liked it enough, why do not you take a look at our new promotion? It has views of the entire area!

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