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Modern decoration trends for your bedroom

We continue giving you decorating tips, this time we tell you what are the most modern decoration trends for your bedroom.

We have already given you advice for your garden, the lighting of your home and even rustic decorations for your kitchen. The time has come to advise you when it comes to decorating your temple of rest, your room.

And what better way to do it than following modern style decoration trends?

The past always comes back

The trends work in a cyclical way, it is not surprising that old fashions return to the present as modern or with the label of “vintage style”.

This is the case of four-poster beds, the typical double bed of nobles and kings who has returned to stay. This style of bed will give your bedroom a more romantic touch and will not clash with the modern style you want to give it.

If you want a little more privacy, you can put curtains on the sides of the bed.

Metal lamps never disappoint

We already talked about the industrial style in lamps. Lately you see many different metals, copper, steel …

If you are looking for a modern style they are a great option also for your bedroom. As in previous entries, we recommend playing with the natural and the industrial. If your lamp is metallic, the contrast with decorative wooden elements can give it a modern and attractive touch.

Another feature of the lamps that you are usually liking are the hanging lamps on the bedside table. If the table is made of wood and the lamp is metallic, the artistic touch will distinguish your little corner from the others.

A mirror always brings personality

No matter the size of your bedroom, whether large or small, there is always a space for a mirror. If you have a dressing room or a dressing table, a mirror is completely necessary.

Do not stay with the ideas that appear in magazines and blogs with huge mirrors, go playing with the shape, size and color.

The presence of the mirror, depending on where it is placed, can give a feeling of depth to the room. It is a great tool to deceive and play with perspective and give a touch of spaciousness to the bedroom.

The bedside tables, much more than a practical element

The bedside tables are not only the best thing to put the alarm clock, that interesting book that you read at night or even a photo. It can be a decorative element in itself.

It is very fashionable to use antique furniture or those that you no longer use as a stool or a chair. This option would give your room a vintage touch that may convince you. However, this type of table does not become the most comfortable in many cases.

If your lamps hang over it, it is possible that a more traditional table made of wood is one of the best options. Sometimes it is not necessary to leave the already known to be current.

The floor also deserves decoration

In many occasions the walls and surfaces are loaded so much that we forget the holes that may remain. The soil is often a victim of this fact.

The most successful is to use carpets to fill those small gaps. Playing with the textures and colors of the carpet with respect to the ones in the room can give you a very satisfactory result.

Maybe a round rug under the bed highlights the style of this. Or maybe a rectangular under the dresser gives a feeling of being in the dressing area.

The key is to go testing positions, follow your instinct and give that touch of yourself to your soil.

And with this, we finish our recommendations on modern decoration trends for your bedroom.

We hope you have been useful and you can use any of the tips we give you to have the room you had always wanted.

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