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how to build a house in spain

How to build a house in Spain?

If you do not live in Spain and you are thinking of moving, you will have many questions about how to do it. A country that you do not know, different laws and banks and many other things. For this reason, today at GG Homes we explain how we can help you in this process.

Documentation to build in Spain

The document that must be obtained is the NIE (Foreigners Identification Number). Thanks to this document you can make all the necessary arrangements in Spain. You can open an account at the bank or sign documents. The NIE can be obtained from the Spanish police office or from the Spanish embassy or consulate of the foreign country.

Taxes that have to be paid in Spain

• When buying a new construction home, a 10% VAT is added to the price
• ITP Wealth Transfer Tax in the case of second-hand housing (between 6% and 10%).

In addition to this you have to take into account other expenses of management and notary.

How to build a house in Spain?

At GG Homes we want to make this process simple. We help you from the beginning and to the end with everything. If you are a foreigner, we will help you obtain the NIE. We will prepare all the necessary documentation and will accompany you to the corresponding office. Once the NIE is obtained, if you need to open an account at the bank, we will help you.
On the other hand we will be happy to explain all the construction process before the contract. One of the advantages of building with us is that in addition to architects, we build our own houses. This means that you do not have to look for two different companies. You can do the whole process with us and forget everything. Do not hesitate to ask for information and we will advise you.

Advantages of living in Spain

The advantages of building in Spain are endless. The peninsula is a country with an excellent climate, a unique gastronomy and a lot of quiet areas perfect to build a house as a second residence or to live permanently. Do not hesitate to ask for advice to recommend the best areas to live in Spain.

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