FAQ - GGHomes


Yes. At GG Homes we want the client to be part of the creation and design of their home.

Yes. Our team projects specific buildings, which may be different from those that appear on our website. Ask for a specific budget for this case.

On average these homes are built within a period of 8 to 10 months.

Yes, you can do it without problems. We help you with document management.

The price includes the construction of the house and the land. It also includes fees for architect, technical architect, topographic and geotechnical study.

Yes, we will adapt our designs to your terrain.

Normally, an NIE will be requested, which is a document that allows you to make arrangements in Spain such as opening an account at the bank or signing documents. From GG Homes we want to help you throughout the process, for that reason we take care of helping you with this type of management. More information