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Do you know our GG Eco Homes?

Not long ago we brought our models GG Eco Homes to light, do you know them? If not, do not worry. We are going to tell you why this kind of homes are the future, we also told you about the importance of the energy certificate, this week we are going to tell you more in depth how are our most recent models.

Villa Eco Elegant, simple and efficient

Our model Elegant may seem modest to be the youngest of the Eco family, but it’s actually the best model for efficiency and design.

Ideal for small families, with their two big bedrooms, you will not need more space. One of the rooms has a own bath, and it has another independent bathroom.

Kitchen is open, and it allows to have views to the porch and the garden to not miss a detail of the views.

The living-room, fully illuminated, it will become your temple of tranquility. You do not want to leave there.

All this in 130 m2, which, of course, you can expand, modify and everything you want with just asking us.

modelo elegant eco gg homes eficiencia sencillez
spring eco gg home vistas

Villa Eco Spring, designed for those who love the views

Spring is larger than its sister Elegant, since it has 150 m2 spread over 2 floors.

In the lower floor you will find everything you need to socialize, with an open kitchen and a living room, all with views to the outside to enjoy the tranquility of your garden with your people. This floor also has one of the three bedrooms and one of the three bathrooms.

The floor above is designed to rest, because in it are the two remaining rooms, each with its own bathroom.

Also on this floor there is a balcony where you can go out to breathe fresh air and spend hours looking at the horizon.

Villa Eco Deluxe, comfort for the whole family

Let’s move to a house with larger dimensions with Deluxe, this model, with 230 m2, it is perfect for you and your family. Includes a garage, plus a covered terrace that you can enjoy at any time and with any weather.

It has two bathrooms and three bedrooms, plus an open kitchen next to a large living room.

Are you looking for an ecological house to live with your family? Deluxe is the best option.

eco gg homes deluxe familiar familia terraza garaje
eco gg homes aura espaciosa grande terrazas porches salones

Villa Eco Aura, the largest of the Eco family

Last but not least, we have the largest of the Eco: Aura.

With its 215 m2, Aura is the most spacious Eco house of all, designed for lovers of modern and exclusive style.

It has four bedrooms, two of them have their own bathroom.

Like her sisters, Aura has an open kitchen next to a huge living room.

Its two independent bathrooms, one on each floor, are designed for maximum comfort.

In addition, it has another living-room on the top floor, making it possible to socialize on both floors.

Its numerous terraces and porches make Aura the best option to enjoy summer and good weather.

We hope that with this information you will fall in love with our Eco Homes as much as we do. Remember that it only took 2 months to build them!

Also, as always, they are fully customizable. Add, remove, modify, whatever you want! You only have to tell it to us!.

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