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Denia, that seaside paradise north of Alicante

Who does not know Denia nowadays? Its unique character and the way of living in this town have made it one of the most important tourist interest points of the Valencian Community. From GGHomes, we want to deepen a little in everything that Denia has to offer, from its climate to its gastronomy, through even its nightlife.

Location and connections

Denia is located north of the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community, Spain. It is the capital of the Marina Alta. 92km by car from the provincial capital and 106km from Valencia, it is a perfect midpoint between the two provinces, which allows to visit the coastal areas of Costa Blanca quite easily. For example, if you want to visit Benidorm departing from Denia, there are only 53km of travel, and even closer is Jávea, at 12km.

The border location also allows easy access to cities such as Gandía, at 37km, without forgetting the seaway, Denia has a ferry to Ibiza that only takes 2 hours.


The climate of Denia is generally pleasant, having an average temperature of about 20º. The maximum temperature is 30 degrees and it reaches it in the month of August. Not even in winter it gets too cold since the temperature at that time is around 12º.

A perfect climate for the coastal environment that characterizes this city, that allows you to enjoy the beach and your luxury home at any time of the year.


Denia has an extension of more than 20km of coastline, main reason why it is focus of tourism in summer. Its beaches are different depending on their location, If you are heading to a beach north of Denia you will find a fine sandy beach. If on the contrary you go to a southern beach, instead of sand you will find rocks.

Mountain and trekking

For the nature lovers, Denia has a lot of mountain roads, this is thanks to El Montgó, mountain under which the city is erected.

Hiking trails are usually linear and pleasant, as the trail of the Cova de Camell, a lineal trail of about 5km. Other interesting trails are the Camí de la Colonia and the Cova de l’aigua.

They also have greenways and environmental walks, much more calm and safe.


As a worthy part of the Valencian Community and the province of Alicante, Denia it has its own gastronomy of the Mediterranean and the Costa Blanca. As a proof of that, in 2015 it was recognized by UNESCO as Creative City of Gastronomy.

Of course rice plays a very important role in this gastronomy, highlighting the arroz a banda, essential if you have not tasted it yet. The sea offers a lot of gastronomic treasures such as red prawn, one of the most delicious types of prawns that exist. But the land also allows to create typical dishes such as espencat, a set of roasted vegetables.

Local feasts

The festivities of Denia are quite numerous, but the main ones are 3.

His festa major, held from July 7 to 15, It is a religious festival in honor of the Most Holy Blood in which different sporting events, musical concerts, children’s activities are held. The famous Bous a la mar stands out in this celebration.

As in Valencia, Fallas are also celebrated. You can enjoy from March 15 to 19.

They also have the party of the Moors and Christians, from August 13 to 16, dates in which the entire village is characterized from the time of the Arab invasion and the 4 days are held events and shows of the battles of Christians against the Moors.


The nightlife is in the pubs, but depending on your tastes you may be more interested in leaving for one area or another. There are pubs of all types, from the craziest to some more refined and quiet.

In De La Mar street are these two types, Paddy O’Connell, an Irish pub perfect for relaxing with a beer and music, or something even quieter like the Silenci, a place set with spirituality, full of candles and tranquility.

On the other hand, right in front, there are different pubs aimed at teenagers with much more movement.

The area of La Marina is also a possibility to have fun at night, with pubs such as the Buda or the Zensa.

Finally, there are the beach bars, some close late, perfect to be next to the beach, with a nice temperature and drinking something.

This is Denia

In short, Denia is a pleasant place with everything you need for a good life. The only thing you need to start a life surrounded by all we have just told you is to have one of our luxury homes there, you can keep an eye on them here.

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