Architectural trends for 2019 and 2020 - GGHomes

Architectural trends for 2019 and 2020

The architectural trends of this year and the next follow a common line that GGHomes meets in many of its eco designs: sustainable architecture. But there are more trends that we tell you next.

Proposals that define the architectural styles of the future

Industrial styles

This style is defined by materials such as wood, iron, aluminum and even recycled plastic. The industrial style is marked by the absence of superfluous elements to give it a simple touch.

Home automation and smart homes

This trend stands out in both rehabilitated homes and new homes. GGHomes has homes that follow this trend through the Alexa System. With this system you can control the blinds the devices of the home, the conditioning from your mobile. This way you can save energy.

Houses committed to the environment

Currently modern architecture follows this trend and GGHomes also with eco designs. We are committed to the environment through energy efficiency with an A certificate. In addition, if you prefer, eco homes can have photovoltaic panels.

Open and multi-purpose spaces

Our Villa Eco Deluxe model follows this trend through eliminated partitions, using building materials that serve as a link between the different rooms. Thus you gain in space and light.

White color

White in its different shades is always a success in interior designs. And much more if we combine it with gray and black colors. Look at our Villa Essence as the light is reflected giving luminosity to the kitchen.

Enjoy the outdoors throughout the year

It is an architectural trend that houses have glass enclosures and no profiles and GGHomes complies with most of their designs. In addition, we always choose special environments, landscapes, to enjoy the outer space. GGHomes Villa Ruby has this type of glazing without profile.


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