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10 reference places to visit in Alicante

Alicante,a province resulting from a great mix of cultures throughout history, it has become an important focus of international tourism in Spain. There are so many things to visit, from beaches, trails and mountains to churches, museums and parks. There are so many possibilities that would not fit in an entry of our blog, so, from GG Homes, we want to tell you what are the ten reference places you should visit in Alicante.

1.- Santa Bárbara Castle

Emblem of the capital, Santa Bárbara Castle, erected on Mount Benacantil, is one of the destinations you can not miss.

Built at the end of the 9th century, it was initially a stronghold of the Arabs during the Muslim domination. It was not until 1248 when the future King Alfonso X the Wise took it back.

The castle is located in the center of the city, it can be reached on foot, by car or by lift. Once there, it is worth visiting each corner and climbing to the top, from where you can contemplate the whole city and beyond.

The best thing about this fortress is that it is not just a castle to visit, but takes advantage to organize events and even has a museum (MUSA) and rooms in which new thematic exhibitions are organized every year (The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones…)

Of course, one of the most important places to visit.

2.- Walk of the Explanada

Another of the great symbols of the city, the walk of the Explanada goes from the Plaza de Canalejas to the Plaza del Mar, 500 meters from a promenade full of palm trees, craft shops, small shows of traveling artists, bars, ice cream parlors, restaurants with a terrace, views of the port and even a small stage where concerts are organized.

The most characteristic of the Explanada is the floor mosaic, a succession of waves in three colors, red, ivory and black. Along the promenade there is an emblematic building of the city, the Casa Carbonell.

3.- Archeologic Museum of Alicante (MARQ)

One of the most important museums in the province, MARQ, apart from his personal exhibition, which shows the evolution of our ancestors from prehistory to the middle ages, It eventually brings very complete exhibitions from other places, as there have been exhibitions about the ancient Mayans, vikings, the Roman Empire and a long etcetera.

Who knows what you can find when you visit it? A highly recommended museum of great dimensions that even the youngest ones will enjoy.

4.- San Juan and El Postiguet beaches

Beaches can’t be out of this list. There are many beaches in the province, and they all have their own characteristics. This time we speak about San Juan and el Postiguet.

San Juan beach, one of the best known of Costa Blanca, it is a huge beach of fine sand and clean water that does not make anyone feel indifferent. After the beach there are a lot of restaurants, a long and nice walk, and luxurious apartments on the beachfront.

On the other hand, Postiguet beach is in the city of Alicante, beside Santa Bárbara Castle and beside Walk of the Explanada, which makes it an attractive option after visiting these two points of interest to later enjoy some of the nearby restaurants. It is a beach of fine sand and calm waters.

5.- Tabarca Island

At 22km from the city of Alicante is Tabarca Island. Once a small fishing island, today is a very important tourist destination in Costa Blanca.

It can be reached by boat from Alicante or from Santa Pola. You can choose to go in a two-story boat with underwater views or by taxi boats.

It is a small island with a personal charm, the city, which is home to just under 60 people, is full of small white houses. In addition, the large number of typical food restaurants in Alicante makes this island a good option to spend a day visiting it, eating there and bathing in its pleasant beaches.

It’s totally worth visiting.

6.- Fuentes del Río Algar

3 km from Callosa de Ensarriá are the founts of the Algar, a natural place of 1.5 km to admire without missing a single meter. A limestone path leads us through the river Algar. During the journey the river forms waterfalls and reservoirs, and all this humidity allows a large amount of Mediterranean vegetation.

In summer it is a good option to bathe, but the rest of the year the water is quite cold.

If you like nature and tranquility, this walk is one hundred percent recommended.

7.- Canelobre Caves

In Busot, There are Canelobre Caves, about 700 meters above sea level. Inside there is one of the highest vaults in Spain, about 70 meters.

The visitable area is an area of 80,000 m³ which must be entered through an entrance that was opened during the times of the Civil War. The republican side used these caves as a refuge where they built their airplanes.

The most attractive of this cave are its stalactites, stalagmites and other formations, some of them reach 100,000 years.

8.- Park of the Ereta

Climbing the castle on foot has its advantages, the most important of all is the Park of the Ereta. A beautiful ascent to Santa Bárbara Castle full of vegetation and views of the city.

Nearly seven hectares of a perfect union of nature and some modern structures, which respect and complement the environment.

The views are not something you can miss, the city of Alicante, the Mediterranean Sea and even Mount Benacantil itself are observable from this park.

In the mountain there is another of the recognized emblems of the city, the “face of the Moor”, a natural rock formation at the foot of the castle with its own legend.

9.- Theme Parks

In the province there are several theme parks that can be more than a day of fun if you are on vacation in the area. Those who are in the Benidorm area stand out:

Terra Mítica, an amusement park with different zones, each one acclimated with a culture of the world.

Mundomar, un zoo de animales marinos donde se llevan a cabo espectáculos con delfines y más.

Aqualandia, one of the largest water parks in Europe, it became the largest one until 2008. A place with large swimming pools and water attractions perfect to cool off in summer.

Terra Natura, a thematic and zoological park with animals of all kinds.

Aqua Natura,another water park, this inspired in Greece, where you can relax with your family bathing in their pools and eating in their restaurants.

10.- Routes in Font Roja

The Natural Park of Carrascal de la Font Roja is a natural park located between Alcoy and Ibi that has 2,289 hectares of pure natural beauty.

This park has different routes for hiking, let’s highlight 3 that have no waste:

The Route of the Menejador is a route of 6 km that ends in one of the highest peaks, El Menejador, with 1,356 meters of height, from which you can see even the Tabarca Island.

Barranco del Infierno has a 4.5 km path through an area that is totally natural and pleasant due to the humidity of the surroundings. This route connects with another that finally arrives at the same Font Roja.

El Xicotet it is a more affordable route, only 2 km, and ends in the same place as the previous one, in Font Roja itself.

And these are the ten places of reference that we have decided to share. Of course, there are many more essential places, but for the moment we leave you these to open the appetite of more Alicante.

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